Make a Map from World Bank Data

Make a map PNG from World Bank data.

To get started, follow these steps:

Now you're ready to test the tool with your own dataset!

Quick Help

  1. Series Code: Specify a unique code for the data you want to visualize, such as population, GDP, or surface area.
  2. Value Column: Choose the column containing data values corresponding to the series code (e.g., "2000 [YR2000]").
  3. Figure Title: Add a title to provide context for your map.
  4. Legend Text: Describe the legend to help viewers understand the color scale.
  5. Min and Max Colors: Select colors representing minimum and maximum values on your map.
  6. CSV File: Your data source, following a format similar to the World Bank Data spreadsheet.

Data Format

The tool adapts to various spreadsheet formats. Here's an example in a World Bank Data format:

Country Name   Country Code  Series Name                   Series Code  2000 [YR2000]
United States  USA           Population, total             SP.POP.TOTL  282162411    
United States  USA           Population growth (annual %)  SP.POP.GROW  1.112768997  

Adjust series codes and value columns based on your data structure.