Introducing KeyMapPro, an innovative web application designed to transform the way you analyze text! By taking any given text input, KeyMapPro creates a choropleth map of a QWERTY keyboard, highlighting the frequency of each character in the provided text.

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Perfect for Writers, Linguists, Data Analysts

KeyMapPro is perfect for writers, linguists, data analysts and anyone interested in understanding the character distribution in a piece of text. Whether you're analyzing a paragraph, an article or an entire book, KeyMapPro has you covered. Discover valuable insights, optimize your writing and elevate your text analysis skills with the power of KeyMapPro!

By leveraging advanced data visualization techniques, KeyMapPro offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for users to explore the keyboard heatmap, revealing patterns and trends in the character usage. The choropleth map uses a vibrant color spectrum to represent the frequency distribution of each key, with the colors ranging from cool shades for less frequent characters to warm shades for the most frequently used ones.

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