Find Places

Find Places is a web application that helps users quickly and easily find places of interest in a specific location. With its simple and intuitive interface, Find Places makes it easy for anyone looking to explore new areas or find specific types of places in their local area or around the world.

The application takes two inputs:

Find Places then searches for places of the specified type near the specified location and displays them on a map.

Find Places by CrossCompute makes it easy for you to visualize your options and select the one that best meets your needs.

Sample Inputs

Here are some sample inputs that you can try:

Description: "Coffee Shop"
Location: "San Francisco, CA, USA"
Description: "Gas Station"
Location: "Austin, TX, USA"
Description: "Pharmacy"
Location: "London, UK"
Type of Place: "ATM"
Location: "Tokyo, Japan"
Description: "Pizza Place"
Location: "New York, NY, USA"

"Find Places" is a web application by CrossCompute, available at /a/find-places. Data is provided by various third-party data sources, including OpenStreetMap and Google Places.